American Mongrel

would you drive 1000 miles for a conversation?

Luis Alfonso De la Parra, co-editor

Luis Alfonso De la Parra, co-editor

Luis Alfonso is an editor and camera operator from the Tijuana/San Diego border region. As a citizen of the border, he grew up in a culture composed of people from two distinct backgrounds being pulled apart by two distinct ways of life. Add to this numerous road trips across the North American continent and his affinity for improvised film, Luis Alfonso is extremely excited to be a part of American Mongrel.

Previously, Luis Alfonso edited A Leap to Take (dir. Rob Nilsson), alongside Mongrel cinematographer Gustavo Ochoa. The film premiered at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival. Currently, he also works as an editor at Greg Fulcher’s production company 1013media, in the SoMa district of San Francisco.

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