American Mongrel

would you drive 1000 miles for a conversation?

Kris Caltagirone as Johnny

Kris Caltagirone as Johnny

Johnny has just been released from city jail. What has he done? Where is he going? He cannot remain in the city. He is afraid he will break his restaining order against the woman he loves most. After so many struggles, something must surely give in. Follow Johnny as he explores the Western landscape with Marcos and Janice and as he scratches the surface of his deeply hidden talents and pain. Will he ever return home?

More about Kris Caltagirone:

Kris Caltagirone (Johnny) was born and raised in Westchester County, New York.  A spirited and gregarious boy, Kris grew up with a deep connection to the woods and an avid passion for discovery.  Shortly after dropping out of high school, Kris enrolled at SUNY Oneonta, and then the University of Virginia.  He has lived and studied in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Zwettl, Austria, New York City, New York, and Berkeley, California.  In addition to film, some of Kris’s perennial pursuits include philosophy and theology.  He is happily married to his wife Shelley, and the couple intend to have children someday.

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