American Mongrel

would you drive 1000 miles for a conversation?

Allene Hebert as Janice

Allene Hebert as Janice

Janice, a writer, a musician. She mourns the death of her father. An isolated city dweller she is an enigma, a mystery to us all. She follows her old fling Johnny on a road trip that will eventually liberate her from her chains of mourning and false hopes. Join Janice on her adventure as she discovers the dark secrets of her travel companions and overcomes her dependence on a half-hearted world.

More about Alléne Hébert:

With a passion for independent cinema and authentic expression, Alléne Hébert (Janice) has worked on both sides of the camera in the US, Mexico and Europe. After over a decade overseas, she decided to return to the United States and focus on one of her first sources of true joy; acting. A synchronistic meeting with Actor/Producer Daniel da Silva on the set of a silly crime television show and later one of the most unusual auditions with Director Deniz Demirer led her to become a part of the cast of American Mongrel. To work with such a devoted, kind and genuine cast and crew has been one of the most enriching experiences of her career.


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