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Gustavo Ochoa, 2nd DP

Gustavo Ochoa, 2nd DP

Seeking, framing, looking at natural light or finding a special moment, Gustavo Ochoa is motivated by love and amazement of the World. His work in cinematography is intrinsically¬†related to his fondness of the tall trees, massive mountains and the red sunsets over the Mojave Desert. The influence of Nature in Gustavo’s work is evident in the soft lighting,¬†soothing compositions and a simple approach to filmmaking.

As he finishes his studies in San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, Gustavo takes with him a portfolio that includes: camera work in a Tribeca Film Festival nominated short; a¬†documentary on disabled people in Mendocino County and a feature film shot in the Navajo Nation.

As a Honduran living in California, Gustavo’s background of green, lush rain forests an tropical showers is combined with redwood trees and the Sierra Nevada. The result: a flexible, relaxed and curious individual with an inclination for soft gradients and Zeiss Prime Lenses.

When thinking about the future, Gustavo hopes for a peaceful and worthwhile existence filled with fun and adventures.

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