American Mongrel

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Greg Fulcher, Editor

Greg Fulcher, Editor

Greg enthusiastically approaches American Mongrel’s post-production in much the same way the film was shot; by honoring not only its aesthetic and visceral components, but also its improvisational and scripted elements.  Intrinsically related to American Mongrel is Greg’s love of The Roadtrip.  He has traveled throughout the United States extensively, and always by vintage convertible.  Moreover, Greg embraces the story of American Mongrel, because he’s lived it.

“When I first started learning my craft, non-linear editing wasn’t even yet a concept.  Organization of assets was mission-critical, as was equipment mastery and a firm grasp of your creative vision.  Today, while non-linear editing certainly enables the masses to jump into the exciting world of production, it also floods the market with programming that lacks technical and aesthetic beauty.

A story like American Mongrel is difficult to tell.  With nearly 70 hours of content from three cameras, spanning nearly 10 terabytes, my technical and project management skills are absolutely in-play.  The analogy has been made that Deniz and Daniel have put a genie in a bottle, and it’s my job to get him out.”

More about Greg:

Greg has been editing & shooting professionally for about 20 years, and brings experience garnered from all facets of production and post-production, to American Mongrel.  Born and raised in a small beach town on Cape Cod, he attended Lyndon State College in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, graduating with a degree in Broadcast Television and Post Production.  Despite his rural beginnings, Greg wasn’t isolated from video production. His father was a projectionist and film buff, and in high school, he had access to an edit suite belonging to family friends and neighbors Mary Fickett [imdb] (Ruth Martin – All My Children) and Allen Fristoe (Director, The Edge of Night, Another World, One Life to Live).  He went on to work at The Troupe, before taking a year off to explore himself and the United States, in a rickety 1973 Volkswagen. Some 17,000 miles later, he returned to Boston, ready to focus on his vocation.

In 2004, after several years serving as V.P. of Production for a startup cable network in Boston, Greg founded 1013media.  And, in 2007, two weeks after their wedding, Greg and Petra jumped in a 1973 Volkswagen Thing and drove from Massachusetts to San Francisco, taking their time, stopping wherever and whenever the mood struck.  Fast-forward to present day, and 1013media continues to flourish from the top floor of a 1920’s era light-industrial building in San Francisco’s vibrant SoMa district, and Greg & Petra recently celebrated the birth of their first child, Enzo James.

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